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V8N4 - Oct/Dec 2017

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The Pan-Amazonian Journal of Health is freely distributed to national and international educational and research institutions.

To request institutional subscriptions or exchange, you should contact the Evandro Chagas Institute by regular or electronic mail at:

Revista Pan-Amazônica de Saúde - Pan-Amazonian Journal of Health
Instituto Evandro Chagas
Centro de Documentação, Informação e Memória
Rodovia BR-316 km 7 s/n - Levilândia - 67030-000 - Ananindeua / Para / Brazil

The on-line version is edited by the Department of Documentation, Information and Memory (Centro de Documentação, Informação e Memória) of the Evandro Chagas Institute with the methodology developed by the FAPESP/BIREME Project on Electronic Periodicals. Soon the on-line version with full-text articles with be freely available.


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Revista Pan-Amazônica de Saúde
Instituto Evandro Chagas / Secretaria de Vigilância em Saúde / Ministério da Saúde
Rodovia BR-316 km 7 s/n - Levilândia - 67030-000 - Ananindeua / Pará / Brasil
Phone: + 55 91 3214-2185 |
Translated by André Monteiro Diniz

Instituto Evandro Chagas

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