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Volume 14 - 2023

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Open Access Policy

This Journal offers immediate open access to its content, based on the principle that offering the public free and unrestricted access to scientific knowledge leads to a better democratization of knowledge in the world.

Editorial Policies

The RPAS accepts national and international submissions in Portuguese, English or Spanish. If the paper is submitted in English or Spanish, in order to avoid delays in the Journal’s release, we suggest that it be reviewed by a native speaker – a scientist of the same field, if possible. Both orthographic and grammar reviews are the author’s responsibility, however the Journal's Editorial Board may execute grammar and similar adaptations.

The manuscripts must be written and submitted in strict accordance with the directions listed in the Instructions for Contributors section.

The papers submitted to the Editorial Board must not have been previously published (except as a brief report) and must not have been simultaneously submitted to other Journals for publication. The veracity of the information and the bibliographic citations are the author's sole responsibility.

Each submission is reviewed by at least two peer reviewers; its acceptance is based on its scientific content and presentation.

Researches on or involving the use of animals, human beings and/or the environment must be approved by a Research Ethics Committee. Thus, the manuscript must be submitted together with a Certificate of Approval provided by the Ethics Committee of the Institution where the research was carried out.

The authors' opinions and concepts are their exclusive responsibility, and do not represent the opinions and beliefs of the Journal's Editorial Board.

Review Policy

All papers submitted to the RPAS are subject to a review and approval process called peer review. Each submitted article is directed to the editors, who review it to check its accordance with the minimum requirements for publication and to see if the paper obeys all the Journal's submission guidelines.

Next, the Board sends the article to two reviewers, who are experts in the pertinent area. The reviewers must never be from the same institution as the article's, and their identity remain unknown for the authors during the whole process.

After receiving the reviews, the Editorial Board decides if the paper should be accepted, refused, or if it must be sent back to the author with suggestions for modifications. An article may be sent back to the author several times for elucidation, and, at any time may be refused by the Editorial Board, which has the authority to make the final judgment

Finally, proof sheets will be sent to the author(s) for correction of printing errors. The proof sheets must return to the Editorial Staff until the established date. Other alterations in the original manuscripts will not be accepted in this stage.


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