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The Evandro Chagas Institute (IEC), a decentralized unit of the Brazilian Ministry of Health (MS), is a research institution located in the Amazon specialized in the areas of Biomedicine, Public Health and Environment, and has produced scientific knowledge for more than 80 years.

The project of editing its own scientific journal showed the Institute's interest in collaborating with the process of scientific development of the Amazon. The region already had great coverage in the areas of Anthropology, Earth and Agrarian Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Education, Engineering, Management of Government Institutions, Accounting, Economy, Geography and Medical Sciences. Nevertheless, there was a lack of studies in the areas of Biomedicine, Public Health and Environment, which are exactly the subjects IEC is relevant for.

Therefore, the creation of an official publication to disseminate researches and investigations in the areas of Biomedicine, Environment, Public Health and Medical Anthropology in the Pan-Amazonian region has become really necessary. Its coverage, however, should include the intellectual production of other institutions from all parts of Brazil and even international research institutes.

The Revista Pan-Amazônica de Saúde was then launched in January 2010 aiming the dissemination of the scientific research produced nationally and internationally, publishing entomological, epidemiological, ecological, anthropological and socioeconomic studies, as well as the production of immunobiologicals, laboratorial diagnoses and other researches related to the environment and people's health.


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Translated by André Monteiro Diniz

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