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Authors' Rights


What rights do I retain as a journal author*?

As a Revista Pan-Amazônica de Saúde author, you retain rights for a large number of author uses, including use by your employing institute or company. These rights are retained and permitted without the need to obtain specific permission from the Journal. These include:

  • the right to make copies (print or electronic) of the journal article for your own personal use, including for your own classroom teaching use;
  • the right to make and distribute copies (including via e-mail) of the journal article to research colleagues, for their personal use (but not for Commercial Purposes**, as explained below);
  • the right to post a pre-print or the final full text version of the journal article on Internet web sites, including electronic pre-print servers and the author's personal or institutional web site or server, incorporating the complete citation and with a link to the journal's homepage (see also our information on on-line access for a more detailed discussion on these points);
  • the right to present the journal article at a meeting or conference and to distribute copies of such paper or article to the delegates attending the meeting;
  • the right to include the journal article, in full or in part, in a thesis or dissertation;
  • the right to use the journal article or any part thereof in a printed compilation of works of the author, such as collected writings or lecture notes (subsequent to publication of the article in the journal); and
  • the right to prepare other derivative works, to extend the journal article into book-length form, or to otherwise re-use portions or excerpts in other works, with full acknowledgement of its original publication in the journal.

Other uses by authors should be authorized by the Revista Pan-Amazônica de Saúde.

* Please Note: The rights listed above apply to journal authors only.
** Commercial Purposes include the use or posting of articles for commercial gain including the posting by companies or their employee-authored works for use by customers of such companies (e.g. pharmaceutical companies and physician-prescribers); commercial exploitation, such as directly associating advertising with the posting; the charging of fees for document delivery or access; or the systematic distribution to others via e-mail lists or list servers (to parties other than known colleagues), either for a fee or for free.

Can I post my article on the Internet?

You can post the full text version of your journal article on your personal web page or the web site of your institution, provided that you include a link to the journal's home page and include a complete citation for the article.

For more information, please see the journal's policies or contact us.


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